Start a new adventure for television comedian Stephen's Square, a format called Piazza Grande, which he wrote and conducted, which will air broadcasters in Sicily.

Piazza Grande will be possible to discover the most beautiful places in Sicily, Stefano Piazza in fact goes about discovering the monuments "abundant" now neglected due to neglect and lack of interest.

The irony of the Piazza in its investigation services and popular culture highlighted by the direct contact with the inhabitants of the most popular and prominent personalities of the Sicilian landscape.

Sometimes poetry in images, sometimes sardonic in representing the current, Piazza Grande is proposed to the Sicilians with a challenge, to continue to think that this land may always have in its culture and beauty of a chance for recovery and economic and social development.

A program designed and conducted by Stefano Piazza.

Below is the current schedule

TELE WEST Canale 73:
merc. 21:00; sab. 00:30; judgment. 22:00

TELE WEST 2 channel 625:
lun. 21:00; gio. 21:30; sab. 22:30

TELESUD channel 91:
lun. merc. see. hours 13:00
mart. Thurs. sab. hours 21:00
judgment. 18:30

TELE MED channels 14:
Monday 19:55

TELE ONE canale 19:
Tuesday hours 22:00

ANTENNA ONE channel 185:
Monday and Thursday hours 22.30

VIDEO ONE canale 196:
Sunday hours 18.30

TELE PALERMO channel 641:
Friday hours 23.30