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PalermoWeb News is a repository of information, the source of which is determined by the received messages to the mailboxes of palermoweb, palermoweb news and related sites.

To send a press release .

The information contained in e-mail from newsrooms, press officers, free-lance, publicists, companies, professionals, individuals who want to explicitly publish the information contained in those messages.

The Editor of News PalermoWeb NOT alter in any way the content of the email if not correcting typographical errors and / or spelling. The preparation of PalermoWeb News publishes only the content that it deems appropriate in its sole discretion publication.

For the above PalermoWeb has no responsibility for the content of messages sent and published.

All original email arrived in the office are still stored by PalermoWeb in electronic / computer to any requests from the judicial.

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Editor PalermoWeb News is PalermoWeb ( )

PalermoWeb ® is a trademark and a domain registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Palermo, Patent and Trademark Office, any abuse concerning the brand and the name will be liable to charge. PalermoWeb is a sole proprietorship P. VAT 04747200824 Chamber of Commerce PALERMO – Activity: “Realization and software and telecommunication services”


The contents of PalermoWeb News are public, can therefore be copied and republished so’ as they are citing the source (source: PalermoWeb News) and inserting the link to .

The graphics and any images on this site may be copyright, if in doubt ask for preparing any use for commercial.


With regard to the data register on the site, PalermoWeb News holds a database in electronic format via the CMS (management software website) managed by the provider Alicom S.r.l.. however, in accordance with Legislative Decree 196/2003 are not required data defined as sensitive. More details on:

Details about what kind of registered user are described in the relevant page of this site.

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